The North

Find out about northern resource development, environmental management, science and innovation, culture and history, and Arctic issues. Learn about Nutrition North Canada.


Services and information

Environment and natural resources in the North

Learn more about the co-management of natural resources, climate change, environmental protection and fishing/hunting in the North.


Learn about an Indigenous people of the Arctic.

Toward a new Arctic Policy Framework

Learn about the new Arctic Policy Framework being co-developed with Indigenous, territorial and provincial partners.

Nutrition North Canada

Get details on the subsidy program that provides Northerners in isolated communities with improved access to affordable healthy food.

Northern science and innovation

Find out about northern scientific research, and access programs and services that support innovation in the North.

Culture and history in the North

Learn about Inuit, northern culture and history, as well as cultural opportunities available in the North.

Polar issues

Learn how Canada's role in the Arctic Council and Antarctic Treaty is helping reduce threats to the climate and habitats of the North and South poles.

Affordable housing in Canada's North

Learn about programs, funding and tools available to improve access to affordable housing in the North.

Nursing careers

Find information on types of nursing positions available in remote and/or isolated First Nations communities and apply now.

Arctic shipping

Learn about Arctic voyage reporting requirements, Arctic shipping pollution prevention rules, operating cruise ships in Arctic waters, Polar Class vessel requirements and Arctic vessel crewing requirements.

Ice and icebreaking

Find current ice conditions, charts, bulletins and recommended ice routes and a photo gallery.

Canadian sovereignty operations

Find out how the Canadian Armed Forces conduct ongoing operations to increase sovereignty, safety and security in the North.

Investing in Canada Plan project map

Track infrastructure investments in the North, by using search filters on this interactive map.

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