Canada's Arctic and Northern Policy

A framework prepared by the Government of Canada and its partners to empower people and communities to work together for a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable region.


Highlights of Canada's Arctic and Northern Policy Framework

An infographic showing framework partners, goals, key milestones and next phase.

Arctic and Northern Policy Framework

Our shared vision, goals and objectives.

International chapter

Priorities and proposed activities to address the key opportunities facing the circumpolar Arctic.

Safety, security and defence chapter

Objectives and actions for a safe, secure Arctic and North, expressing Canada's enduring sovereignty.

Partner chapters

The visions, aspirations and priorities of our co-development partners.

Arctic and Northern Policy Framework video

The partnerships and process that led to the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework.

Budget 2019: Arctic and northern summary

Over $700 million over 10 years in focused funding for the Arctic and North.

Toward a new Arctic Policy Framework

Discussion guide, roundtable reports and videos from this 2017-2018 engagement.

Shared Arctic Leadership Model Engagement 2016

Find out more about the engagement led by Mary Simon, the Minister's Special Representative, and read her reports.

Task Force on Northern Post-Secondary Education

Working together to close the gaps and improve post-secondary education in the North and Arctic.

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