Highlights of Canada's Arctic and Northern Policy Framework

A shared vision of the future where Arctic and northern people are thriving, strong and safe.

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The Government of Canada launched Canada's Arctic and Northern Policy Framework on September 10, 2019. For the first time, the federal government worked with Indigenous representatives and 6 territorial and provincial governments to define and co-develop this long-term vision. It was co-developed for the North, in partnership with the North, to reflect the needs and priorities of the North. It embodies the essential principal of "Nothing about us, without us".

This whole-of-government co-development process has been supported by:

The framework is being implemented by more than 33 federal government departments and agencies that play a role and have responsibilities or interests in the Arctic and northern regions of Canada.

Framework goals

The framework builds on 8 overarching and interconnected goals.

Key milestones in the co-development of the framework


Initial framework co-implementation efforts by the Government of Canada and Indigenous, territorial and provincial partners have included:

  • November 2020: first Arctic and Northern Policy Framework Leadership Committee meeting included an affirmation of the national approach to framework governance by federal, provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners, as well as discussion of partners' priorities in the context of COVID recovery
  • November 2020: Fall Economic Statement investments for the North
  • 2020 and 2021: targeted COVID supports for the North
  • Budget 2021: investments supporting the implementation of framework goals and objectives and the priorities of co-development partners, as outlined in their framework chapters
  • December 2021: second Arctic and Northern Policy Framework Leadership Committee meeting, which included discussion of partners' priorities and of potential regional governance structures for the framework
  • Early 2022: ongoing engagement with partners to discuss the establishment of regional governance structures for the framework. These mechanisms will provide a means of assessing progress on the framework and facilitate the development of implementation plans
  • 2022-2023: new chapters to the framework, published as completed, will outline additional priorities of framework partners

Federal reporting on the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework is done through annual parliamentary reports and through other means chosen by CIRNAC, as the lead federal department, and by other applicable departments. For more information on the framework as a horizontal initiative, please consult the Horizontal Initiative – Arctic and Northern Policy Framework.

Options for multi-partner reporting mechanisms will be co-developed with partners. For example, co-development of a priority setting, monitoring and reporting measure is included as an action item in the workplan of the Inuit Nunangat Policy Space Working Group under the Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee.

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