Northern science and innovation

Learn about northern scientific research, and access programs and services that support innovation in the North.

Services and information

Polar and northern science

Learn about polar research, Arctic geology, northern land and marine research, the science of ice and snow, and research in northern national parks.

Polar research funding

Funding and awards for researchers focusing on polar issues and northern science.

Canadian High Arctic Research Station

Find out about innovation in Arctic science and technology and opportunities for visiting researchers can use the station's research facilities.

Northern Contaminants Program

Apply to reduce and, where possible, eliminate contaminants in the Canadian Arctic.

Arctic charting

Learn how Arctic seabed surveys are conducted and how they support safety, sovereignty, science and archeology.

Sea ice studies

Access research on sea ice in Labrador and Newfoundland, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Beaufort Sea.

Auroras and space

How solar winds cause Northern lights and the effects solar storms have on our planet.

Gulf of Alaska sea surface temperature and salinity

Access data on sea surface temperature in the Gulf of Alaska and North East Pacific.

Arctic research program

Research program to advance technologies for sustainable and low-impact development of the North.

Canadian Arctic Shipping Risk Assessment System

An integrated risk assessment system for marine transportation in the Canadian North.

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