Environment and natural resources in the North

Learn more about co-management of natural resources, climate change, environmental protection and fishing/hunting in the North.

Services and information

Climate change in northern communities

Learn about programs designed to help Indigenous and northern communities adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

Northern Projects Management Office

Find out about the coordination of the regulatory processes in the North, as well as how communities can prepare to participate in and benefit from major northern mining projects.

Northern Contaminated Sites Program

Find out how contaminated sites in the North are managed and cleaned up.

Mining and minerals in the North

Learn about the development and management of minerals in Nunavut and in the Northwest Territories.

Northern petroleum resources

Learn about the governance and regulation of oil and gas exploration on Crown lands in the North.

Oil and gas activities – the North and offshore

Find out about the regulation of oil and gas exploration and activities in Nunavut, Arctic offshore, Hudson Bay, West Coast offshore, Gulf of St. Lawrence, onshore Sable Island and part of the Bay of Fundy.

Exploration and production of oil and gas in the North/offshore

Access application forms for North/offshore activity permissions.

Petroleum and Environmental Management Tool

Learn about how this tool helps identify the vulnerability of Arctic habitats to oil and gas exploration.

The Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline

Find out about the pipeline system for transporting natural gas from Alaska to the lower 48 states, through Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Seals and sealing

Get facts and data on Canada's seal harvest and learn about the six species of seals in Canada.

Conservation of polar bears

Learn about initiatives to protect this iconic Canadian species.

BC and Yukon treaty fisheries agreements

Discover which treaties in BC and Yukon have Indigenous fisheries agreements.

Yukon salmon fishing

Salmon fishing regulations, Yukon Salmon Catch Card information, and peak times for salmon fishing in the Yukon Transboundary area.

Pacific and Yukon commercial fishing

British Columbia and Yukon commercial fisheries. Includes regulations, openings and closures, management plans, maps, forms, and stock status reports.

Fishery decisions

Current fishery decisions impacting Atlantic and Arctic fisheries. Opening and closing dates, total allowable catches, and management plans.

Beaufort Sea Integrated Management Area

Discover the six goals of the Integrated Ocean Management Plan for the Beaufort Sea and learn about Tarium Niryutait MPA, Canada's first Arctic Oceans Act Marine Protected Area. Access publications related to this northwestern corner of the country.

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