Mining and minerals in Nunavut

Canada's North is rich in mineral resources and the development of these resources provides socio-economic benefits to Northerners.


Management of mineral rights in Nunavut

Learn about the different acts and regulations pertaining to mining rights in Nunavut.

Nunavut map selection

A web-based system allowing for the administration of mining rights in Nunavut launched in January 2021.

Online map selection of mineral claims in Nunavut

Learn more about how map selection affects mineral claims in Nunavut.

Summary of regulatory amendments to the Nunavut Mining Regulations (2020)

Summary of the 2020 amended Nunavut Mining Regulations allowing for online map selection of mineral claims in Nunavut.

90-day transitional period

The period beginning on November 1, 2020, the date the Regulations amending the Nunavut Mining Regulations (2020) came into force and how it impacts mineral claims and prospecting.

How claim conversion works

The process used to convert a ground-staked claim to a claim composed of units on a pre-defined grid and displayed on an online map.

Conversion of staked claims into unit claims

Learn about process for the one-time mandatory conversion of all ground-staked claims into unit claims.

Mining recorder's office

Through this office, you can apply for prospecting licences, mineral claims and mining leases, as well as coal leases, coal permits and coal exploration licences.

Guidelines for assessment reports

A plain-language summary of the requirements for submitting assessment reports to the Mining Recorder under the Nunavut Mining Regulations.

Simplified report handbook: a guide for Nunavut prospectors

How to complete and file simplified reports for work done on mineral claims on Crown land.

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