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Indigenous Art Centre

Indigenous Art Centre Acquisition Program Application

Access to Information and Privacy

Request for Personal Information by Aboriginal Claims Researchers under Paragraph 8(2)(k)

Request for Personal Information by Research Body or Researchers for Research or Statistical Purposes under Paragraph 8(2)(j)

Permissible Disclosure Request under Paragraph 8(2)(e) of the Privacy Act

Permissible Disclosure Request under Paragraph 8(2)(f) of the Privacy Act under an Agreement with Another Government

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Request - External Applicants


Application for Federal Crown Land

Application for Land Use Permit

Land management

Application for Leasing Locatee Lands within an Indian Reserve

Land registry

Transfer of Land in an Indian Reserve

Application for Registration

Joint Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy in Common Agreement

Application for the Transfer of Joint Tenancy by Survivorship


Response to a Notice

Withdrawal of a Notice

Modification of Right of Way Agreement

Acceptance Agreement for Lawful Possession of Land-Locked Parcel

Request for Evidence of Title

Right of Way Agreement

Mineral Rights and Mining Royalty

Notice of SurveyFootnote 1

Statement of WorkFootnote 1

Application to Record Mineral Claim(s)Footnote 1

Transfer of Mineral ClaimFootnote 1

Application for an ExtensionFootnote 1

Application for a LeaseFootnote 1

Notice to GroupFootnote 1

Application for Prospecting PermitFootnote 1

Mining Royalty ReturnFootnote 1

Notice of CancellationFootnote 1

Allocation of Excess Work Credits on Claim(s)Footnote 1

Allocation of Excess Work Credits on Permit(s)Footnote 1

Allocation of Work Credits from a Prospecting Permit to Claim(s)Footnote 1

Statement of Work by PermitteeFootnote 1

Notice to ProtestFootnote 1

Portal Access

Information System Access Request

Procurement services

Claim for Progress Payment

Supplementary Claim


Quarrying Permit Application

Sixties Scoop

Request for Verification of Eligibility for Indian Status

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