Nation Rebuilding Program

About the program:

The Government of Canada has committed to a forward-looking and transformative agenda to renew relationships with Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous groups are seeking to rebuild their nations in a manner that responds to their priorities and the unique needs of their communities. This funding has been made available for five years starting in 2018-19, to support activities that would facilitate their own path to reconstituting their nations. This new program will support the rebuilding efforts of Indigenous nations through the provision of contribution funding aimed at developing capacity. Detailed terms and conditions that govern this program can be found on the Department’s website, program guidelines are also available online.

Who can apply:

Recipients eligible to receive funding under this program are the following:


For 2018-2019, the deadline for submitting proposals is September 1, 2018. Proposals received after this initial deadline will continue to be evaluated if funding is still available.

How to apply:

Proposals are to be submitted by mail to the following address:

Director, Negotiation Support Directorate
Policy Development and Coordination Branch
Treaties and Aboriginal Government Sector
10 Wellington St, 8th floor
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0H4

Or via email at:

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