Northern affairs

The North is two fifths of Canada's land mass. Find out about the new Arctic Policy Framework, Shared Arctic Leadership Model, devolution in Nunavut, improvements to Nutrition North Canada and climate change adaptation programs.


Toward a new Arctic Policy Framework

Learn about the new Arctic Policy Framework being co-developed with Indigenous, territorial and provincial partners.


Learn about an Indigenous people of the Arctic.

Shared Arctic Leadership Model Engagement 2016

Find out more about the engagement led by Mary Simon, the Minister's Special Representative, and read her reports.


How territorial governments take on province-like powers and responsibilities.

Nutrition North Canada

Learn about the subsidy program to provide Northerners in isolated communities with improved access to perishable nutritious food.

Climate change

Learn about funding available to help Northern communities monitor, address and adapt to climate change.

Environmental assessments in Canada's North

Learn about regulatory regimes in the North and their role in assessing environmental impacts.

Northern Contaminated Sites Program

Learn about funding available to manage contaminated sites cost-effectively and consistently.

Northern Contaminants Program

Apply to reduce and, where possible, eliminate contaminants in the Canadian Arctic.

Mining and minerals in Nunavut

Learn about the development and management of minerals in Nunavut and in the Northwest Territories.

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