Orders and Regulations Correcting Band Names

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Orders and Regulations correcting Band Names

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A First Nation can request that its name be officially changed by submitting a Band Council Resolution to the Office of the Indian Registrar of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. If a band's name appear in one or more legislative instruments, it will be amended to reflect the requested change to ensure clarity as to whether a particular instrument applies to a First Nation or not. The amendments do not affect the applicability of the laws and regulations being amended.

In the fall of each year, all band name changes that have occurred in the previous year will be included in a comprehensive band name change submission that will amend relevant laws or regulations.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international)

Given that these amendments address requests by First Nations, by way of resolution of their council, this initiative is not under a specific formal regulatory cooperation work plan.

Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

There are no expected impacts on Canadians in general, international trade, investment or business. The regulatory changes affect First Nations who have requested to have their name added, modified or repealed from legislative instruments. These changes are administrative in nature.


Given that these amendments implement requests by First Nations to have their name added, modified or repealed from legislative instruments it is not necessary to conduct consultations with the public. The concerned First Nations are notified when a band name change is implemented.

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March 2013

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