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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Audit Committee - As of September 30, 2012

Northern Affairs Organization & HRWSB

Management Practices Audit of Northern Affairs Organization
Approval Date: 2011/11/25
Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected Completion Date Program Response
1. The Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Northern Affairs Organization (NAO) should to finalize NAO governance structure oversight mechanisms, including updating and approving Terms of Reference, holding meetings on a regular basis and retaining written Records of Decisions for key governance mechanisms. NAO governance mechanisms are under review. Modifications to Northern Management Board (NMB), the most senior governing body, have already been implemented including establishment of regular weekly meetings. NAO will complete that review to enhance sector governance. It will then finalize and document its governance structure oversight mechanisms as well as how those mechanisms will function. In particular, NAO will review, update and/or create committee terms of reference and enhance the secretariat function to ensure that minutes and records of decision are recorded appropriately.   Status: Request to Close (Completed)

As of 30/09/2012:

1.1 NAO has restructured the Northern Management Board which is now the Northern Management Committee (NMC). Working Groups are still under review.

1.2 Completed. The management structure of the NMC is documented in a Terms of Reference. Weekly meetings are structured through Forward Agendas, Agendas and Records of Decision/Follow-up.

1.3 Completed. Membership to NMC has been appointed and mechanisms implemented.

AES: Closed.
1. Identify appropriate sector management structures including working groups and/or any other committees or mechanisms.
Q3 – 2011-12
2. Document management structures including Terms of References which will include meeting frequency, agendas, forward agendas, records of decision, etc. Q3 – 2011-12
3. Appoint membership and implement mechanisms not already operational Q4 – 2011-12
2. The ADM of NAO should work in collaboration with Policy and Strategic Direction Sector to develop and communicate a clear, longer-term strategic direction or vision for NAO and its Regions. NAO is in the process of further evolving its planning process for the launch of the 3rd NAO Business Plan. The plan will include the articulation of a longer-term strategic direction for NAO, including the HQ Branches, the three regional offices, and the government's Northern Strategy. While there is no departmental requirement or direction with respect to sector strategic plans, NAO will work with PSD to ensure that this strategic direction will align with that of the Department. On-going Status: Underway

As of 30/09/2012:

1.1 NAO continues the inter-departmental coordination to develop recommendations for the GoC strategic direction with respect to the Northern Strategy. Internally, NAO continues to align its effort with that direction.

1.2 Initial analysis and review work with respect to organizational strategic direction was carried out in September and presented to the NMC.

AES: Closed.

1. NAO will continue to align with the Government of Canada's overarching Northern Strategy providing key strategic direction

2. NAO will elaborate organizational strategic direction through its next planning cycle
Q4 - 2011-12
3. The ADM of NAO should work to leverage corporate risk management expertise to develop a formal practice and identify a governance structure to ensure regular monitoring and reporting on risks and related mitigating actions NAO has completed the integration of the identification and assessment of its key sector risks into its annual business planning cycle. NAO has completed the design of an on-going process to monitor and manage those risks and related mitigation actions. Completed AES: CLOSED.
4. The ADM of NAO should continue to lead the Sector's efforts to ensure funding is available to support the human resource planning decisions. NAO will continue to seek necessary funds through formal GoC mechanisms and is also currently refining a business case, in collaboration with the CFO, to secure ongoing funding to alleviate a long standing structural deficit.

1. Complete business case in collaboration with CFO for consideration in annual departmental resource allocation process
Q4 – 2011-12 Status: Request to Close (Completed)

As of 30/09/2012:

1.1 In response to the request through the Business Case, 75% of the salary pressures were allocated by CFO in May 2012. The balance is being reviewed through organizational review and the FMC process.

AES: Closed.
5. The Human Resources and Workplace Services Branch (HRWSB) Director General should clarify expected control requirements for staffing actions and ensure that supporting control documentation is retained for audit and file continuity purposes. Those recommendations are similar to those found in a number of HRWSMB monitoring reports. Action Plans to address those recommendations have already been developed and are being implemented. HRWSMB will ensure that these action plan measures are applied across the sector and the department. On-going AES: CLOSED.
6. The HRWSB Director General should work in collaboration with Sectors to review the Quarterly Dashboard metrics used to monitor HR staffing actions to ensure exceptional staffing actions are adequately monitored by AANDC management. Quarterly Dashboards are not the instruments to capture exceptional staffing actions. However, AANDC has a governance structure (HRWSMC and FMC) in place that allows it to manage and monitor these staffing actions. In addition, HRWSB monitors staffing actions at risk, as requested by the PSC, and reports to HRWSMC on the results on a regular basis. On-going AES: CLOSED.

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