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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Committee - As of March 31, 2011

Education and Social Development Programs and Partnership - Infrastructure Branch

Summative Evaluation of the First Nation Infrastructure Fund (FNIF)
Approval Date: 24/02/2010

Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected Completion Date Program Response
1. Ensure that:
a) when there is a call-up for proposals, enough time is provided in order to create an atmosphere where the particular FNs have an equal opportunity to access the program and submit proposals;
a) Increase length of call out period from 2 months to 4 months. 31/03/2011 Status: Request to Close

As of 31/03/2011:

A further call for proposals is not expected as the fund is fully committed through to the end of 2010/13.

AES: Recommend to Close

b) AES regional officers are equipped with the required time and resources in order that the selection processes perform efficiently and in a transparent manner. b) Provide training, increased guidance and workshops to regional offices. 31/03/2011
2. Put in place a mechanism or process, due to the high staff turnover, to ensure that knowledge and corporate memory are duly passed on to successors so that key information would be communicated in a timely fashion to First Nations. Centrally store general program documentation, such as project selection rational and joint Infrastructure Canada and AES program adjustments and decisions. 31/03/2011 Status: Request to Close

As of 31/03/2011:

Key documents and materials are now centrally stored and available.

3. Put in place a performance measurement process to comply with the MOU and report to INFC. Incorporate FNIF indicators within the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Performance Measurement Strategy. 31/03/2011 Status: Close

As of 30/09/2010:

Early discussions underway with regional offices to select one or two key FNIF performance indicators. Once finalized and found to be feasible to collect, these will be incorporated into the CFM Performance Measurement Strategy.

AES: Close - Fully Implemented

4. Negotiate with INFC in order to be more strategic in the use of FNIF funds, taking into consideration local/regional priorities especially since the demand from FNs, is higher than the funding capacity. Work with Infrastructure Canada to identify priorities across regions. 31/03/2011 Status: Close

As of 30/09/2010:

AES continues to work closely with Infrastructure Canada to review investment needs and trends to align these with strategic priorities.

AES: Close - Fully Implemented


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