Programs and Services for First Nations and Inuit

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) support the unique relationship between the Crown and Indigenous Peoples through individual and organizational programs and services.

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Programs and services structure in the Northwest Territories

CIRNAC and ISC support First Nations and Inuit organizations as they move towards self-government, and ensures the timely and efficient delivery of the Government of Canada's fiduciary and statutory obligations. In the Northwest Territories, the CIRNAC Regional Offices administers and delivers the ISC programs and services. Information on types of program and services we deliver is outlined below.

Registration, Revenue and Band Governance

This service is directly related to Indigenous Services Canada's (ISC) responsibilities under the Indian Act and includes:

Additional responsibilities include:


The department supports education of Indigenous Peoples in Northwest Territories through a variety of First Nation and Inuit programs and services. To learn more please visit Education and University and College Entrance Preparation Program for Northwest Territories residents.

Trust Monies, Estates and Treaty Annuity

Trust Monies administer funds held in trust for individuals or Bands.

The daily administration of estates, in accordance with the Indian Act, is contracted under formal agreement to the Government of the Northwest Territories Public Trustee. For more information on estates you can contact the NWT Regional Office at 867-669-2622 or contact the Public Trustee's office at 867-873-7464 or Toll Free at 1-866-535-0423.

For information on Registration, Revenue, and Band Governance, please call 867-669-2619 or Toll Free at 1-888-414-4340.

Lands and Environment

Lands and Environment offers support and advice to First Nations, Tribal Councils and members regarding land management, administration, environmental protection and Indian Affairs Branch Lands, Lands Set Aside administration. The division also assists with natural resource management on reserve lands, land use planning, bylaw development and land designations on reserves as well as the creation of and additions to Reserves.

For information on Lands and Environment, please call 867-669-2615 or toll Free at 1-888-414-4340.

Field Services

Field Services transfers money to First Nations and Tribal Councils for the delivery of programs and services in their communities. Field Services also coordinates the administration and management of funding arrangements between Indigenous Services Canada and First Nations, Tribal Councils and other incorporated First Nation and Inuit organizations.

Field Services provides the following programs:

Other Programs

Other Indigenous Services Canada programs and services delivered by the Northwest Territories regional office include:

Core Funding

Core funding allows First Nations to hire and/or retain organizations to represent them politically at the tribal, treaty and/or regional level.

Aboriginal Representative Organisations Program (AROP)

AROP enables representative organizations to speak for their members in consultation initiatives that help define and facilitate the way Aboriginal organizations work with the federal government.

Professional Development

Professional Development funds enable First Nations and Inuit organizations to develop strong and sustainable governance structures. Through this funding, Indigenous Services Canada supports the capacity development of First Nations and Inuit and assists with policy and program development initiatives.

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