Supporting local food priorities in the North

The Harvesters Support Grant and the new Community Food Programs Fund are Nutrition North Canada programs developed in direct collaboration with Indigenous and northern partners to support community-based food security solutions. These initiatives are making a difference across isolated and northern communities in Canada.

Chief Wayne Moonias against a white background wearing an orange collared shirt with a fringe vest that has beaded flowers on it.
Grand Chief Scott Harper standing in an open field wearing a white shirt with white, blue, yellow and green ribbons on it. He is also wearing glasses and a feather headdress.
Two northern community members with hunting equipment and snowshoes.
Interior of a smokehouse in a northern community with a wood-fuelled smoker, food preparation area, and smoked fish hanging overhead.
Three people on a boat wearing lifejackets and holding fishing poles.
Three people sitting in folding chairs cooking food over a campfire.
Group of youth seated around a table watching a man clean and prepare a fish.
Teapots and frying pans containing bannock being heated on wood-fuelled smokers.
Person cooking food in a community kitchen.
Local blueberries cooking in a frying pan over an outdoor fire.

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