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About Métis Nation
The Métis National Council provides information on how the Métis emerged as a distinct Indigenous People and Nation in the historic Northwest during the late 18th century.

Commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the birth of Louis Riel
Watch the video to learn more about Louis Riel, the founder of Manitoba and leader of the Métis Nation.

Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
Created by the Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research, this virtual museum offers a variety of exhibits and collections about the Métis history and culture.

Métis | Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada provides an in-depth look at the heritage and history of Métis across Canada.

Languages and cultures

Languages | Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
An overview of the languages spoken by the Métis.

Michif.org – Learn, speak and live our languages
Learning resources to discover Southern Michif and other Métis languages.

Métis Identity and Voice in Canada's National Parks and Historic Sites
A video series on the different Parks Canada locations and how they are used by Métis communities to share their stories of history and culture.

Métis-Style Beadwork
Try your hand at one of these beautiful and elaborate floral beadwork designs provided by the Canadian Museum of History.

Experiences of Métis

Métis Memories of Residential Schools
An educational resource that shares Métis residential school Survivor's memories and experiences.

Métis Today | Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
Learn how Métis people went from the "forgotten people" to a recognized Nation with a growing prominent presence, through the efforts of thousands of talented artists, authors, activists, educators, entrepreneurs and tradespeople.

Métis Gathering Podcast
Podcasts that explore the past, present and future landscape of Métis culture.

Métis National Council – Taking care of the environment - Playlist
In these videos, learn how Métis used to take care of the land and how they are now sharing their Elders' teachings, contributing meaningful solutions and hope in a warming world.

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