Emergency Planning

The Project team has thorough emergency response plans to address potential emergencies on site.

Suite of emergency plans for Giant Mine

Five plans cover different kinds of emergencies that could happen on the Giant Mine site. Copies are available at the Project Office. As well, the crisis communications plan details how the Project team would inform the public in any emergency.

General Contingency and Emergency Spill Response Plan

This plan applies to both the underground and surface of the mine site. It includes:

  • what hazardous materials are on the site
  • the spill response training and procedures, including individual spill response plans
  • how the response team is organized
  • a spill response communication flow plan
  • spill response resources
  • spill containment and remediation information
  • ways to prevent system component failures
  • procedures for potential environmental emergencies
  • emergency contacts

Surface Emergency Response and Fire Safety Plan

This plan applies to the surface of the site. It includes:

  • how to sound the fire alarm
  • roles and duties in case of fire
  • procedures for confining and controlling fires
  • fire training
  • how to prevent fires

Underground Mine Rescue Plan

This plan applies to the underground of the mine site. It includes:

  • details on who to notify if there is an underground fire
  • emergency procedures for the refuge stations
  • emergency contacts
  • control centre information, such as location of the control centre
  • roles and duties if there is an underground fire

Giant Mine Emergency Response Plan and Condensed Plan

This plan applies to both the underground and surface of the mine site. It includes:

  • existing conditions
  • potential for failures/emergencies
  • what to do if:
    • loss of Baker Creek bed and flooding causes seepage into the mine
    • mine infrastructure that contains hazardous material collapses
    • an underground collapse impacts chambers and stopes that contain arsenic
    • Baker Creek erodes
    • any other potential Baker Creek failures occur

Emergency Management and Response Plan for Giant Mine Roaster Complex Deconstruction (Complete)

This plan applies to the deconstruction of the roaster complex and related roadways. The work is now complete. The plan included:

  • results of site risk assessments
  • management of specific risks
  • training and drills
  • how to prevent emergencies
  • organization of the responder team
  • roles and duties
  • notification procedures for different levels of emergencies
  • emergency action plans
  • emergency contacts

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