Communicating during an emergency at Giant Mine

The Project team has a plan in place that outlines how it will keep the public informed if there is an emergency at site.

How will the team communicate an emergency?

The Giant Mine is no longer an operating mine, and the site is managed and monitored constantly. However, as it is still much like an active industrial site, emergency preparedness is necessary. The Giant Mine Remediation Project team works to prevent emergencies. For example, the team regularly assesses abandoned and aging infrastructure on site. If they find a hazard that poses risks that cannot wait until remediation, the team addresses it right away. This protects workers, the public, and the environment.

In case an incident does occur, the team has response plans with steps to take to address different kinds of emergencies. Site workers are always ready to carry out these plans. Crews also conduct emergency drills and simulations. This ensures they are prepared for any emergency. These plans include elements to address how the team will let the public know about the emergency.

If an emergency happens, including the unlikely and worst-case scenario that a building collapses and releases contaminants into the air, workers will quickly take action.

For any kind of emergency, the onsite contractor will:

The Deputy Director will call the Project team's crisis communications response team, made up of members from:

The communications team will:

If an emergency happens, there are a number of methods the team will use to inform residents. This includes:

Information shared via the above methods includes:

The Project team will lead all communications activities. They will seek help from other agencies as required. The agencies the team will ask for help from would depend on the type of emergency.

In the unlikely event of an emergency that posed risk to the public, residents should:

You can contact the Project team by phone at 867-669-2462 or via email You can also ask to subscribe to the newsletter by email.

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