Senator Vernon White speaks about reconciliation

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Transcript: Senator Vernon White speaks about reconciliation

I think it is "a" significant moment. I think for me, the most significant one, was four years ago when the Prime Minister apologized. I think this is a great step now in showing that the Apology will be entrenched in Parliament forever. That is an important piece for me. It is interesting I didn’t really have an expectation, but certainly with the description, I can see how Canadians when they see the artwork and have somebody walk through what it means might have a better understanding of why reconciliation is so important for all of us, not just for Aboriginal Canadians. I think we have come a long way. I am a little bit concerned, and it is interesting that the artist mentioned it as well, that reconciliation seems to be happening in isolation right now. I think the vast majority of Canadians do not truly understand what the issues are around this reconciliation process. I think that all of us, every Canadian, and certainly in my new role now, we have a responsibility to ensure that we get the message out to everyone that this reconciliation is about the relationship between two peoples.

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