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Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) has a diverse mandate in Nunavut which offers employees at the Nunavut Region Office (NRO) a chance to play an important part in the development of the territory. CIRNAC hires people from many different fields like business administration, communications, geology, finance, policy, information technology, environmental technology and resource management.

Whether you are a student looking for summer employment or a seasoned professional looking for a new and exciting job opportunity, CIRNAC has career information for everyone!

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Why work for CIRNAC in Nunavut?

The CIRNAC NRO is an exciting place to work with a skilled and energetic workforce from all over Nunavut, Canada and beyond. There are also many opportunities for students to match their interests and studies while working in the region.

Learning and Development Opportunities

The opportunity to learn is an important part of personal satisfaction at work. The Government of Canada offers a variety of learning opportunities, experiences and programs that can help you build a successful career. There is also on-the-job training, in the form of coaching, mentoring, regular feedback from your manager, conferences and workshops - all aimed to continue your development in the public service.

Attractive Compensation Package

CIRNAC offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and flexible work arrangements. Employees of the NRO also receive benefits under the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive, such as a series of northern living allowances and vacation travel assistance. Subsidized housing is available for term and indeterminate employees of CIRNAC's NRO.

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Job Opportunities in Nunavut

CIRNAC's NRO staffs vacancies mainly through advertised processes.

For current employment opportunities in the NRO and other Government of Canada job postings, check out these links:

Inuit Employment in the Nunavut Regional Office

One of the founding principles of the Nunavut Agreement is representative government. The goal is that Nunavut Inuit will be represented in government employment at a level proportionate to the percentage of Nunavut Inuit in the general territorial population. Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement includes a series of provisions designed to achieve this goal.

As mandated by Article 23.4.1 of the Nunavut Agreement, CIRNAC's NRO has prepared an Inuit Employment Plan, which focuses on achieving a representative workforce. The plan includes:

Student Employment Programs in Iqaluit

Working for the Government of Canada while you are a student, whether at CIRNAC or elsewhere, is a rewarding experience that could kickstart your career.

CIRNAC offers a competitive salary and a great working environment for students, allowing you to explore career options in between your full-time studies.

Inuit Summer Student Program

Attention students: Want a great summer job?

Watch for this job poster in April/May around your community, at high schools and Nunavut Arctic College.

What is the Inuit Summer Student Program?

The Inuit Summer Student Program provides Inuit students with knowledge and experience that could help advance academic, interpersonal, workplace and teamwork skills. It also gives students an opportunity to explore employment opportunities with CIRNAC for consideration post-graduation.

Jobs may be available in disciplines including GIS mapping, geology, water management, field operations, communications, human resources, and more.

Students hired through the Inuit Summer Student Program could have the opportunity to:

Job Poster PDF version

PDF of Job Poster

(2,915 KB, 1 page)

  • Produce maps
  • Participate in field work and data collection
  • Assist geologists in archiving rock samples
  • Work in finance, human resources or information technology
  • Learn more about Nunavut's environment
  • Help plan special events and much more!

Why work with CIRNAC for the summer?

The CIRNAC NRO is an exciting place to work with a skilled and energetic workforce from all over Nunavut and beyond. CIRNAC has a diverse mandate in Nunavut which offers high school, college or university students a variety of summer opportunities to match their interests and studies.

CIRNAC offers a competitive salary and a great working environment for students, allowing you to explore career options in between your full-time studies.

Who can apply?

To qualify, you must be a person enrolled under the Nunavut Agreement, in high school, college or university and returning to school in the fall. You must also be a resident of Iqaluit looking for an exciting and challenging summer job.

We are looking for someone who is proficient in English. Inuktut is a definite asset.

A security clearance check will be done for candidates who are being hired.

How do I apply?

You can submit your resumé and cover letter by fax, email or mail to Lori Tagoona at CIRNAC's Nunavut Regional Office.

Please include the reference number IAN-SUM-17 when you apply.

Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis until May 31, 2017.

Nunavut Regional Office/Nunavut Arctic College Internship

What is the internship?

The NRO Internship provides Nunavut Arctic College students in the Environmental Technology, Office Administration, Computer Systems Technician, Interpreter Translator, and Management Studies programs with three-week work terms at CIRNAC's NRO. As these are internships, students are not paid during the work term, but receive credits towards their diploma.

Why is the Nunavut Regional Office running an internship?

Our goal is to expose students to real work experience that is complimentary to their field of study. The greater benefit to both students and the Government of Canada is that after completing their program and participating in this internship, they may be eligible for an available position at CIRNAC. Primarily, we want to provide a great learning experience.

How do I apply?

Eligible students must be currently enrolled in the Environmental Technology, Office Administration, Computer Systems Technician, Interpreter Translator, or Management Studies program at Nunavut Arctic College. Students apply for internship positions and go through an assessment process similar to what would be done if they were applying for a regular position at CIRNAC including sending in their resumes, possibly meeting hiring managers for an interview, checking references, and completing a Government of Canada security clearance check.

Do you want to find out more about being an intern?

Contact the CIRNAC Nunavut Regional Office to find out more about opportunities, deadlines and where to submit your resume.

Nunavut Regional Office's Human Resources Priorities

HR planning is of high importance in CIRNAC's NRO. Planning is done to create and sustain a workforce that is reflective of the needs of the organization as well as the population we serve. Emphasis and focus are on vacancy reduction, creating a workforce to deliver on our mandate, providing career development opportunities for staff, and reaching a representative workforce as per Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement.

HR priorities of the NRO are:

  1. Use sound recruitment and retention practices to overcome the high staff turnover rates, and
  2. Reaching representativeness by hiring Inuit who self identify as enrolled under the Nunavut Agreement.

Meeting our HR priorities is a shared goal for all members of the NRO's management team. Staff are engaged in recruitment and retention practices, and are encouraged to become part of the community in Nunavut and contribute to meeting these HR priorities.

Contact us

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
Nunavut Regional Office – Human Resources
Qimugjuk Building, 969 Federal Road
PO Box 2200
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Phone: 867-975-4744
Fax: 867-975-4560

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