Transfer Payments

Funding agreements and approaches, general assessment, default prevention and management, financial reporting requirements.

Grants and contribution information management system

A transfer payment management system that automates the department's transfer payment business processes.

Default prevention and management

Maintains continuity in the delivery of departmentally funded programs and services to Indigenous communities.

General assessment

Supports the management of funding agreements negotiated between the department and funding recipients.

Funding approaches

Funding approaches ISC and CIRNAC use for programs for Indigenous peoples.

Transfer payment terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for transfer payments.

Transfer payment service standards

Reporting on the use of public funds to community members and to Canadians.

TBS policy and directive on transfer payments

The transfer payments program are administered in accordance with the Treasury Board Secretariat's policy and directive.

Directive 210 Third Party Funding Agreement Management

This directive applies to the department officials managing transfer payments.

The Reporting Guide: CIRNAC

Reporting on the use of public funds to community members and to Canadians.

Proposals, Applications, Workplans: CIRNAC

Forms to collect information from funding recipients on the results they intend achieve.

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