Annex A: Outline of Indian residential school information to be retained

Collection Examples
Federal Government Historical Administrative Documents Related to Designation and Operation of an IRS Documents related to the designation or administration of an Indian Residential School such as:
  • Attendance records
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Building plans
  • Funding documents
  • Correspondence
  • Incident reports
  • Policies
  • Invoices, financial approvals and other financial documents
  • Staff lists and reports
Litigation Response Documents Pre-IRSSA litigation files and civil litigation documents related to claims for any institution recognized as an Indian Residential School under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. This includes documents disclosed during litigation, examinations for discovery, transcripts, etc.
Church Documents Collections provided by the church entities who are parties to the IRSSA. Contain information such as:
  • Correspondence around staffing, student and administrative issues
  • Newsletters and circulars
  • Financial records
  • Staff lists and records
Historical Records Obtained from Other Third Parties Records obtained from various territorial and provincial archives, historical organizations, private donations, etc. Includes documents such as:
  • Correspondence
  • Newsletters and circulars
  • Newspaper articles
  • Studies and reports
Police Investigations and Criminal Records Records concerning other investigations, charges and convictions related to abuse at an IRS.
Independent Assessment Process/Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Non Claims Records Indian Residential Adjudication Secretariat generated records related to the administration of the IAP process. These records are subject to a court order.
Corporate Electronic Systems Electronic data management systems such as SAP, GCDOCs, CCM Mercury, Nakisa, GCCIMS. Information includes:
  • Financial transactions related to the administration of the IRSSA (SPS,SAP,GCIMS)
  • Executive correspondence, briefing and decision notes (WebCims, CCM Mercury)
  • Reports, statistics, plans, correspondence, working documents (GCDocs)
IRSSA Program Delivery Records Records related to the administration and delivery of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and programs including:
  • Commemoration Programs
  • Common Experience Payment Program
  • Truth and Reconciliation and Healing
  • Independent Assessment Process (including school narratives)
  • Transition activities such as Top Up projects, etc.
  • Requests for Direction
  • Healing
  • Article 12 applications
  • Training material
  • Presentations
IRSSA Implementation Records Records related to the development of the IRSSA and preparation for implementation. Includes:
  • Correspondence and records of decisions related to the organizational design of the former Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada and subsequent organizational changes following the merger of IRSRC and AANDC/INAC/CIRNAC
  • Correspondence and records of decision related to creation of the former IRSRC, it's mandate and day to day operations
  • Correspondence and records of decision related implementation of the IRSSA
  • Presentations
  • Training material
Pre-IRSSA Programs Records related to the development and implementation of pre-IRRSA programs such as ADR, the Advance Payment Program, etc. Includes:
  • Correspondence and records of decision related policy development and program or policy implementation
  • Program evaluations and reviews
  • Training material
  • Presentations

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