What's happening at Giant Mine?

Blasting notice:

The Giant Mine Remediation Project will conduct blasting activities on site, starting October 4. The blasting will enable the project team to build a gravel pad on which to install thermosyphons that will freeze the arsenic trioxide in place.

The project expects blasting to occur for approximately 10 weeks. The contractor will provide 24-hour notice of blasting taking place, using signage located close to the site. You can email the project team at aadnc.giantmine.aandc@canada.ca to request notification of blasting and other project notices.

There may be short periods of time where the Ingraham Trail is temporarily closed, due to close proximity to the blast. These delays will be approximately 10 minutes in duration, per blast. Please be aware of safety signage and pay special attention to the warning signals, sirens and contractor personnel in the area before each blast.

The project team reminds area residents that access to the Giant Mine site is restricted at all times. In the interests of public health and safety, please always respect site boundaries.

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