Indigenous art acquisition programs: results for the 2018 to 2019 fiscal year

Learn about the art acquisition programs in fiscal year 2018 to 2019 and what artwork was acquired by the Indigenous Art Centre.

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Acquisition program details

One hundred and twelve works of art were selected for the Indigenous Art Collection at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Jurors for the National acquisitions program were:

Artwork selected through the national acquisitions program

Artist Artist Artwork name and year Medium Reference number
Ginette "Kakakos" Aubin (Maliseet) Ntuwasom Jacket (My Nephew) (2017) Monoprint on paper 500475
Corey Bulpitt (Haida) Figure 604 (2013) Acrylic and gesso on wood 500494
Kelly Cannell (Coast Salish) Harmony (2015) Serigraph on paper 500479
Rande Cook (Kwakwaka'wakw) Emergence (2017) Embossed paper 500496
Rande Cook (Kwakwaka'wakw) Reflections (2017) Embossed paper 500495
Roger Crait (Cree) Will Work For Free(dom) (1 January, 2013) Mixed media and found object 500485 A-B
Ruth Cuthand (Plains Cree) Boil Water Advisory #5 (1 December, 2017) Glassware with glass beads and resin 500486 A-G
Thirza Cuthand (Plains Cree) Thirza Cuthand ls an lndian within the Meaning of the lndian Act (date unknown) Digital video 500072
Colleen Cutschall (Oglala-Sicango Lakota) Barium Titanates (2016) Pastel on paper 500474
Colleen Cutschall (Oglala-Sicango Lakota) Methyl Aluminum (2016) Pastel on paper 500473
Dayna Danger (Métis) Adrienne (2017) Digital image on paper 500521
Joe David (Nuu-chah-nulth, Tla-o-qui-aht) Whale Song and Prayer Drum (2018) Mixed media 500497
Joe David (Nuu-chah-nulth, Tla-o-qui-aht)) Whale Song and Prayer Mask (2018) Red cedar with acrylic 500498
Stephen Foster (Haida) Re-mediating Curtis: Potlatch Dancers (2013) Light Jet print in lightbox 500564
Melissa General (Mohawk) Reclamation (2014) Digital video 500499
Maureen Gruben (Inuit) This Is Not a Hudson's Bay Blanket (2015) Moosehide 500481
Trevor Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw) Ancient Eagle (2017) Cedar with acrylic 500492
Vanessa Hyggen (Cree) Treaty Annuity (2017) Acrylic on canvas 500488
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Toronto #1 (2014) Colour photograph 500490
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Hiding From the Boogeyman (2018) Acrylic on canvas 500477
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Monster (2015) Oil on canvas 500478
Caroline Monnet (Algonquin) Renaissance (2018) Colour photograph 500472
Meagan Musseau (Mi'kmaq) nukumi, will you sit with me as I learn to weave? (2018) Synthetic vinyl and neon pink flagging tape 500520
Marianne Nicolson (Kwakwaka'wakw) The Sun is Setting on the British Empire (2017) Vinyl banner 500480
Nancy Oakley (Mi'kmaq, Wampanoag) Sacrifice (2018) Clay and sweetgrass 500483
Mark Preston (Tlingit) Abstract Chief's Headdress 4 (2016) Mixed media 500491
Jason Sikoak (Inuit) Hunter (11 February 2018) Pen and ink on paper 500476
Cole Speck (Kwakwaka'wakw) Untitled [Tsonaqua Mask by Chief Beau Dick (Walas Gwa'yam)] (2014) Colour photograph on aluminum 500493
Alan J. Syliboy (Mi'kmaq) Standing on the Hill #2 (2018) Acrylic on paper 500471
Melissa Tremblett (Innu) this moment was 140 years in the making (2015) Intaglio on paper 500482
Tania Willard (Secwepemc) The Combo (2012) Mixed media 500487 A-H
Nico Williams (Anishinaabe) Indian's frozen computer (2017) Beads and gold-plated thread 500484
Trace Yeomans (Haida) Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Egg) (2015) Mixed media 500489

Artwork selected through direct acquisition

Artist Artist Artwork name and year Medium Reference number
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "Ready for Electric Pow Wow this weekend - Good to go" (2019) Photograph on paper 500592
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "Your Pocahottie costume looks really authentic" (2019) Photograph on paper 500593
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "I'm a shoe-in for Real Housewives of Turtle Island" (2019) Photograph on paper 500594
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "These feathers are digital" (2019) Photograph on paper 500596
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "I'm not a Disney princess or a noble savage. I'm a mother and I dance for my kids" (2019) Photograph on paper 500597
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "My tonto has a PhD" (2019) Photograph on paper 500598
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "I hunt and gather at Superstore" (2019) Photograph on paper 500599
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "Look! More Neechies! -- Nah, it's just hipsters in headresses" (2019) Photograph on paper 500600
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "This isn't stoic, I've got my Bingo-face on" (2019) Photograph on paper 500601
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "Stands with a Banock Slap" (2019) Photograph on paper 500602
Joi T. Arcand (Cree) oskinikiskwēwak "Her Indian name was Looks to the Side to Avoid the Colonizers Gaze" (2019) Photograph on paper 500591
Kristen Auger (Plains Cree) nîpihkân pimâtisiwin: Flower Life (30 April 2016) Mixed media 500530
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Maliseet Paddle #1 (2018) Mixed media 500555
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Maliseet Paddle #5 (2017) Mixed media 500559
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Maliseet Paddle #4 (2017) Mixed media 500558
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Maliseet Paddle #3 (2017) Mixed media 500557
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Maliseet Paddle #2 (2018) Mixed media 500556
Michael Belmore (Anishinaabe) mwkwi (1 May 2017) Natural copper, aluminum, copper 500549
Michael Belmore (Anishinaabe) Landing I & Landing II (Gwaabzang I & Gwaabzang II) (2008 to 2018) Copper and stone 500548
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) little resistances: norman/ipperwash (2015) Digital archival print 500576
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) little resistances: marykennethagnes/oka (2015) Digital archival print 500578
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) little resistances: homecoming/charlottetown (2015) Digital archival print 500580
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) little resistances: inm/mary (2015) Digital archival print 500577
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) little resistances: martha/burntchurch (2015) Digital archival print 500579
Jordan Bennett (Mi'kmaq) Nisqanamuk Kmtn (2015) Acrylic on cradled board 500526
Catherine Blackburn (Dene) Sisters (2015) Mixed media 500553
Lori Blondeau (Cree Saulteaux Métis) Asinîy Iskwew (August 2018) Colour print on dibond 500552 A-D
Katherine Boyer (Métis) Grandma is Collecting China (2018) Mixed media 500565
Kelly Cannell (Coast Salish) Synergy (2017) Serigraph on paper 500567
Christian Chapman (Anishinaabe) The Time is Now and Yesterday and Tomorrow (1 February 2019) Acrylic on canvas 500590
Rande Cook (Kwakwaka'wakw) And Native Land (2018) Acrylic on cedar 500573
Roger Crait (Cree) Versus (1 January 2009) Mixed media on canvas, oil 500583 A-D
Wally Dion (Saulteaux) Caterpillar Egg Cocoon Moth (2019) Circuit boards, plywood, nails 500527
Brenda Draney (Cree) Dart (2017) Oil on linen 500566
Audrey Dreaver (Plains Cree) The Phone Call (2014) Acrylic on canvas, paper 500528
Jerry A. Evans (Mi'kmaq) Seal Seasonal Round (2018) Mixed media on paper 500531
Melissa General (Mohawk) Nitéwake:non (2015) Digital c-print 500536
Couzyn van Heuvelen (Inuit) Inuk Pallet (2015) Wood and rope 500535
Elisapee Ishulutaq (Inuit) Kayaking around the loons and islands (2017) Oilstick on canvas 500571
Kablusiak (Inuit) Lighter (2017) Soapstone and tung oil 500532
Kablusiak (Inuit) Tampon (2017) Soapstone 500534
Kablusiak (Inuit) Cigarettes (2017) Soapstone and tung oil 500533 A-E
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Toronto #4 (2014) Beads, thread, found object 500545
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Disneyland, California #1 (2014) Beads, thread, found object 500547
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Ottawa #1 (2014) Photograph on paper 500560
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Toronto #4 (2014) Photograph on paper 500561
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Banff #4 (2014) Photograph on paper 500562
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Disneyland, California #1 (2014) Photograph on paper 500563
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Berlin #1 (2015) Beads, thread, found object 500546
Bev Koski (Anishinaabe) Ottawa #1 (2014) Beads, thread, found object 500544
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Kostacihkwamiwin (2017) Oil on canvas 500585
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Osikotatahikew (2018) Oil on canvas 500588
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Cipay (2016) Oil on canvas 500587
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) Awiyakkamacitotahk (2016) Oil on canvas 500586
Meryl McMaster (Plains Cree) On the Edge of This Immensity (2019) Photograph 500542
Meryl McMaster (Plains Cree) Lead Me to Places I Could Never Find on My Own (2019) Photograph 500543 A,B
Kent Monkman (Cree) Fate is a Cruel Mistress -Judith (2017) Archival giclee on archival paper 500539
Kent Monkman (Cree) Fate is a Cruel Mistress -Salome (2017) Archival giclee on archival paper 500541
Kent Monkman (Cree) Fate is a Cruel Mistress -Jezebel (2017) Archival giclee on archival paper 500538
Kent Monkman (Cree) Fate is a Cruel Mistress -Delilah (2017) Archival giclee on archival paper 500537
Kent Monkman (Cree) Fate is a Cruel Mistress -Potiphar's Wife (2017) Archival giclee on archival paper 500540
Tim Moore (Métis) Shield of Destiny (2016) Mixed media on canvas board 500582
Chris Paul (Coast Salish) Spirit of Resilience 1 & 2 (2017) Brushed aluminum on cedar 500568
Grant Pauls (Tahltan, Tlingit) Strerling Silver Longhouse 'Jewlery Box' (2018) Sterling silver, yellow cedar 500554 A,B
Francine Picard (Wendat) Yarenha (2016) Acrylic on canvas 500551
Itee Pootoogook (Inuit) Untitled (2011) Coloured pencil and graphite on paper 500572
Isabel Rorick (Haida) 9 Cedar Branches (2017) Spruce root and bleached sweetgrass 500569
Pudloo Samayualie (Inuit) Kinngait Calling (2018) Etching and aquatint on paper 500523
Frank Shebageget (Anishinaabe) Beaver Mobile (2015) Airplanes, basswood, metal, nylon thread and armature, pine, plastic 500550
Jessie Short (Michif) Wake Up! (2015) Digital video 500529
Skawennati (Mohawk) TimeTraveller™ (2007 to 2014) Media art 500589
Amanda Strong (Métis) Biidaaban (the dawn comes) (2018) Digital video 500584
Jeff Thomas (Onondaga Cayuga) The First Spike (2018) Pigment print 500575
Dylan Thomas (Coast Salish) Tipping Point (2016) Acrylic on canvas 500570
Jeff Thomas (Onondaga Cayuga) The Imposition of Order (2017) Pigment print 500574
Tania Willard (Secwepemc) I Only Learned Freedom (2019) Woodcut on paper 500524
Tania Willard (Secwepemc) I Only Learned Freedom (2019) Digital file 500525
Nico Williams (Anishinaabe) Mnidnoominehnsuk | Spirit Berries (2018) Beaded fabric 500581

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