Indigenous art acquisition programs: results for the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year

Learn about the art acquisition programs in fiscal year 2017 to 2018 and what artwork was acquired by the Indigenous Art Centre.

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Acquisition program details

Thirty works of art were selected for the Indigenous Art Collection at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Artwork selected through direct acquisition

Artist Artist Artwork name and year Medium Reference number
Barry Ace (Anishinaabe Odawa) Image-Makers (2005) Acrylic on canvas 500441
Judy Anderson (Plains Cree) And from her parts of me emerged... (2016) Mixed media 500468 A-C
Jordan Bennett (Mi'kmaq) The Basket Ladies (2013) Video installation with carved maple longboard 500466 A-B
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Ground Cover (2017) Pen and ink on mineral paper 500463
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Nuliajuk Swimming (2015) Ink on mineral paper 500467
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Sea Urchins (2014) Pen and ink on mineral paper 500462
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Jellyfish #4 (2017) Pen and ink on mineral paper 500461
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Nuliajuk In Mourning (2017) Ink on mineral paper 500460
Sherry Farrell Racette (Algonquin/Métis) Nagamataw Kateri (Singing for Kateri) (2015) Egg tempera on parchment with sound component and objects 500464 A-D
Amy Malbeuf (Métis) Cream and Sugar (2017) Wood shelf with china and caribou hair tufting 500443
Maria Merkuratsuk (Inuit) My Father's Pattern (2015) Mixed media 500465 A,B
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Prophecy Plane (2017) Etching on paper 500448 C
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Prophecy Fragile Tree (2017) Etching on paper 500448 D
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Buffalo Bones (2017) Etching on paper 500459
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Prophecy Car (2017) Etching on paper 500448 B
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Sketches of Indian Life (2005) Photograph on paper 500452 A-B
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Drink' em big martini glass (2005) Photograph on paper 500453 A-B
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Onward, Upward (2005) Photograph on paper 500454 A-B
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Prophecy Train (2017) Etching on paper 500448 A
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Pump Jack Bison (2017) Etching on paper 500451
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Pipeline Bison (2017) Etching on paper 500450
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) Oil Derrick Bison (2017) Etching on paper 500449
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) whip (Buffalo Boy) (2005) Photograph on paper 500458
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) gun pose (Buffalo Boy) (2005) Photograph on paper 500457
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) fur frontal (Buffalo Boy) (2005) Photograph on paper 500456
Adrian Stimson (Siksika (Blackfoot)) creeping (Buffalo Boy) (2005) Photograph on paper 500455
Ryan Winters (Inuit) Waiting for The Northern Ranger (2015) Colour photograph 500447
Ryan Winters (Inuit) When the Weather Turns (2015) Colour photograph 500446
Leo Yerxa (Anishinaabe) Standing in the Twilight of the Canadian Dream (2017) Graphite on paper 500445
lessLIE (Coast Salish) Natural Vision (2015) Acrylic on canvas 500444

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