Indigenous art acquisition programs: results for the 2014 to 2015 fiscal year

Learn about the art acquisition programs in fiscal year 2014 to 2015 and what artwork was acquired by the Indigenous Art Centre.

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Acquisition program details

Thirty-seven works of art were selected for the Indigenous Art Collection at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Jurors for the National acquisitions program were:

Artwork selected through the national acquisitions program

Artist Artist Artwork name and year Medium Reference number
Barry Ace (Anishinaabe Odawa) Beaded Abstraction (2014) Mixed media on paper 500325
Barry Ace (Anishinaabe Odawa) Parallel Roads (2014) Mixed media on paper 500326
Tracey Anthony (Delaware) Identity - Haudenosaunee (2011) Mixed media on aluminum 500319
Sonny Assu (Ligwilda'xw) Illegal Song (2010) Acrylic on hide 500348
Sonny Assu (Ligwilda'xw) Illegal Dance (2010) Acrylic on hide 500349
Ginette "Kakakos" Aubin (Maliseet) Les petits bonnets de nos grands-mères (2013) Serigraph on paper 500316
Rebecca Baird (Cree/Métis) Baird Tartan Indigenized #1 (2013) Mixed media 500328
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Them to See (2013) Raw pigment and oil pastel on paper 500332
Lance Belanger (Maliseet) Rising (2013) Raw pigment and oil pastel on paper 500331
Rebecca Belmore (Anishinaabe) Fringe (2013) Digital print 500337
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) psychometry: interrogation (2014) Archival ink on paper 500338
Scott Benesiinaabandan (Anishinaabe) psychometry: conversation (2014) Archival ink on paper 500339
Heather Campbell (Inuit) Snowstorm (2014) Brush and ink on paper 500335
Christian Chapman (Anishinaabe) Bravery (2011) Acrylic and oil on gesso paper 500342
Christian Chapman (Anishinaabe) Truth (2011) Acrylic and oil on gesso paper 500340
Christian Chapman (Anishinaabe) Wisdom (2011) Acrylic and oil on gesso paper 500341
Ruth Cuthand (Plains Cree) Surviving ... H.I.V. (2011 to 2012) Mixed media on fabric 500345
Ruth Cuthand (Plains Cree) Surviving ... Hepatitis C (2011 to 2012) Mixed media on fabric 500333
Vanessa Dion Fletcher (Potawatomi Lenape) Marked (2013) Beads on canvas 500330 A M
Jerry A. Evans (Mi'kmaq) Qalipu 3/4 Profile (2014) Monoprint on paper 500318
David Garneau (Métis) Two Metis Flags (Quilt) (2012) Oil on canvas 500315
Maria Hupfield (Anishinaabe) Jingle Blanket (2014) Mixed media 500350
Maria Hupfield (Anishinaabe) Measured Value: Marianne Nicolson (2014) Mixed media 500351 A-F
Rachelle Lafond (Cree) Maahn Nookoom "There's my Grandmother" (2012) Beads and thread 500346
Rachelle Lafond (Cree) Chiichinuu "Our Home" (2012) Thread on canvas 500347
George Littlechild (Plains Cree) Bling Bling Chief (2012) Mixed media on paper 500317
Meryl McMaster (Plains Cree) Owl (2010) Digital image on paper mounted to dibond 500334
Lisa Myers (Anishinaabe) Traintrack Blueprint (2012) Serigraph on paper 500324
Lisa Myers (Anishinaabe) Blueprint (Water) / Blueprint (Land) / Blueprint (Traintracks) / Blueprint (2012) Serigraph on paper 500323 A-D
Nadia Myre (Algonquin) Meditations on Red 5 (2013) Digital print on plexiglass 500343
Nadia Myre (Algonquin) Meditations on Red 2 (2013) Digital print on plexiglass 500344
Jeneen Frei Njootli (Gwich'in) Kaagwadthat Brought Us Here (2014) Digital print 500320
Barry Pottle (Inuk) igalâk (window) (2014) Digital photograph on paper 500327
Rick Rivet (Métis) Northwest Passage - 2 (2013) Acrylic on canvas 500329
France Trépanier (Kanien'kéha:ka) Moving Spirit (2014) Pastel and charcoal on paper 500321
Linus Woods (Dakota-Ojibway) Space Rabbit (2014) Mixed media on paper 500322
Trace Yeomans (Haida) Stanford Pole (2009) Oil on canvas 500336

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