Workplace-based operations at CIRNAC and ISC

The health and safety of employees continue to be our priority. We recognize that the measures put in place by the various levels of government over the past few weeks have changed everyone’s day-to-day lives. We would like to thank you for your resilience and capacity to adapt. You found innovative ways to stay connected to one another and continue to provide critical services to the departments, partners and communities.

As restrictions begin easing up in provinces and territories, we expect that you have questions on when and how the federal public service will resume workplace-based operations. CIRNAC and ISC have created a national internal working group to develop an approach and an evergreen plan for the two departments that is reflective of the evolving nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic. During this planning phase, we are committed to engaging with numerous stakeholders, including Occupational and Health and Safety (OHS) committee members to ensure we are making the right decisions to keep employees safe.

We currently do not have a timeline of when this might occur. Until a date is determined, CIRNAC and ISC will continue to operate under the business continuity plan. In this context, we encourage all employees to continue to follow the recommendations of their local health authorities, and remote work will carry on until further notice, across the country. We also ask managers to maintain flexibility and address specific situations on a case-by-case basis.

We acknowledge that the actual situation, along with additional stressors such as working from home, can amplify the day-to-day stress as well as impact family and work balance. As this week is Mental Health Week, we invite you to visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website and the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace to find tools and resources to better cope with the unique situation we are collectively in. The Employee Assistance Program and the Hope for Wellness Help Line are also available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Thank you.

Daniel Quan-Watson
Deputy Minister, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Jean-François Tremblay
Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services Canada

Diane Lafleur
Associate Deputy Minister, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Sony Perron
Associate Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services Canada

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