Employee Assistance Program Information: Congested telephone networks

We would like to convey a message from your Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Under the current work-at-home, stay-at-home public policy, network carriers are experiencing significant and unexpected demands on their network. Several clients have reported issues with sporadic unconnected calls and 'service unavailable’ messages. The EAP has been informed by various network carriers that they are working on the problem and that this problem is widespread across all telephone users, whether using a landline, wireless, or internet-based calling.

The EAP wishes to confirm that the program is available, and current call volume is manageable, and most calls can be answered with a "live voice" counsellor. The network congestion may impact client's ability to connect with EAP, but is not an indication of their capacity to answer calls. The EAP is working with Shared Services Canada to ensure Health Canada’s EAP’s Crisis and Referral Centre has enhanced priority with network providers.

Should you be experiencing personal or work-related problems, please communicate with EAP counsellor by phoning:

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