Recruiting of human resources professionals

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) are going through a major transformation, providing unique career development opportunities for human resources professionals. We need your help to build 2 new departments!

This is your chance to broaden your experience as an human resources professional while contributing to the renewed relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples.

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Line Lamothe

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My name is Line Lamothe; I am the Director General of Human Resources and Workplace Services. It is a great place to work because you learn, you grow and you influence also. You work very closely with different managers and decisions that have been taken you see the result of it, you see it in the media, you see it on the public scene. You as an HR professional you influence so you are making a difference!

Jean-François Tremblay

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My name is Jean-François Tremblay; I am the Deputy Minister at Indigenous Services Canada. I have to come here because this department really counts. You work on real things with a population that is very interesting First Nations, Inuit and Métis where there is a huge needs but there is also a lot of hope. This is a department where things are being done, this a department where you make a difference and there is not a lot of places where you really feel on a day to day basis that you are making a difference in the Canadians life. In order to do that, we need to have the right people. HR professionals will recruit and retain the employees we need for the future and for the success of this organization.

Karine Picard and Isabelle Larose

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Karine - My name is Karine Picard and I am an HR Advisor for Indigenous Resourcing Program.

Isabelle - My name is Isabelle Larose and I am the Acting Manager for HR Policy and Program. Teamwork is really important in my job because we need to brainstorm about new strategies for recruitment for the department. At this stage of my career, I think it is important to give back so I am doing so by doing some mentoring with new employees.

Karine – I really like being part of the team here. I also have the opportunity for mentorship that really help me to develop my career. With the new creation of the two new departments there will be a lot of job opportunities within Human Resources.

Sandra JeanJacques

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My name is Sandra JeanJacques and I am an HR advisor here at INAC. I love helping people and I think it is important to be in a department where I am close to the mission, which is coming together and making Canada a better place for Indigenous Peoples. So it is always better to work together with people and collaborating with my peers, the managers, and everyone even the students. I think together we can make a better Canada!

Daniel Archambault

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My name is Daniel Archambault and I am the Senior Director, Human Resources Client Service Delivery. So I basically provide HR services to management across the organization. I think the two new departments are nothing but opportunities for people. It's gonna be growth for HR. We're gonna need people in all of the HR spheres. The big thing right now is transformation of course and that provides an opportunity for HR professionals who really are interested in innovating to come and try new approaches. So someone coming in has an opportunity to work in a number of areas, if they are interested in moving laterally of horizontally.

Daniel Watson

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My name is Daniel Watson and I'm the Deputy Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. Working at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs gives you an opportunity to change this country that almost no other department will. It's a place where you can bring your creativity, it's a place you can bring your passions, it's a place you can bring a great sense of obligation to making this a better country. And you get to work with some of the most amazing people, some of the most amazing parts of this country and to do something that really contributes to all of our citizens. Maybe most importantly, it helps us to change the direction that we have been in the past but that we want to change for the future.

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