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[This series includes one video including all participants with titles that scrolled on screen]

[First participant]: Arielle

[Text on screen] So I'm working as an Indigenous student ambassador for the Indigenous Ambassadors' Initiative at CIRNAC and ISC. Among other things, the vast majority of our work involves going to job fairs to try to get Indigenous people to come work for us. So it involves a lot of partnership with Indigenous associations, in schools, but also Indigenous agencies to promote our departments.

[Second participant]: Marissa

[Text on screen] So I find the benefits of working here, I'm able to learn more about the Indigenous cultures, which is exciting, you don't really hear about it in school. I'm able to work with people who also want to learn more. I enjoy the ability to learn about the government in this department. I like, you know just being able to really make a difference with the Health and Safety team, being able to make sure everyone's happy and then, through that, by making sure people are happy, we're making sure people are doing the best job that they can do.

[Third participant]: Isabelle

[Text on screen] I chose this department. It's the first department that I've worked in, and I don't regret my choice at all. This department is full of love, and humanity. I'm able to be me, I'm valued, and I'm able to grow as a person, and professionally. I'm able to seek out all kinds of experiences that might lead me one day to higher-level positions. That's what I like about this department.

[Fourth participant]: Timothy

[Text on screen] Some of the benefits of working here are the cultural supports that are provided by places like the Kumik Elders Lodge where we get to have traditional knowledge brought back into here. It's a place I can kind of go and decompress. It's also the benefit of being able to contribute my voice to things like the Indigenous Advisory Circle that I sit on for the Communications Branch, so there are opportunities to bring traditional knowledge from myself and my own voice too, into the department. There's never the same day twice, and I get to spread my wings on lots of different kinds of projects. Like this.

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