Williams Treaties First Nations Settlement Agreement

Williams Treaties First Nations Settlement Agreement Infographic
Description of the infographic of Williams Treaties First Nations Settlement Agreement

Who are the Williams Treaties First Nations?

  • Alderville
  • Beausoleil
  • Chippewas of Georgina Island
  • Rama
  • Curve Lake
  • Hiawatha
  • Mississaugas of Scugog Island

Looking back: the Williams Treaties

1700s to 1800s: Treaties made for southern part of First Nations’ traditional lands that protect their harvesting rights

Mid-1800s: First Nations first petition Crown about settlers on northern part of their traditional lands who are interfering with their harvesting

1923: Williams Treaties signed to try to deal with First Nations’ complaints, but lead to longstanding disputes about compensation, land and harvesting

1992: First Nations file litigation seeking justice and fair compensation

The claim

Crown did not act honourably when making and implementing Williams Treaties:

  • proper compensation and additional lands not provided in 1923
  • First Nations’ harvesting rights unjustly denied

Timeline: path to out-of-court settlement

Dec. 2015: Start of exploratory talks

March 2017: Negotiations begin with Canada, Ontario and First Nations

June 2018: First Nations members approve settlement

Aug. 2018: Ontario and Canada sign settlement

Nov. 2018: Federal and provincial apologies

The negotiated Settlement Agreement

Recognition of pre-existing treaty harvesting rights
for First Nations members in certain treaty areas

Federal and provincial apologies
for negative impacts of the Williams Treaties on First Nations

Financial compensation
$666 million from Canada and $444 million from Ontario

Additional reserve lands
each First Nation can acquire and apply to add up to 11,000 acres to their reserve land base

Looking ahead…

Continue to work together as partners to:

  • fully implement the settlement
  • renew ongoing treaty relationship
  • foster reconciliation and understanding

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