Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

  • An established governance structure is in place to advance GBA+ implementation across Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs. Given the transition to the new Departments, this governance structure is shared with Indigenous Services Canada.
  • A departmental 'champion' is supported by a network of GBA focal points across the Departments (headquarters and regions) to support the inclusion of GBA+ in service design and delivery. The GBA+ network is supported by a dedicated Responsibility Centre to support consistency of application of GBA+ directives, training, and capacity-building.
  • Assistant Deputy Ministers are accountable for ensuring integration of GBA+ into decision-making, policy, and service delivery.
Human Resources
  • There is one (1) FTE that will be dedicated to GBA+ implementation in 2018–2019. The resource is housed within the Responsibility Centre that supports GBA+ design and implementation across the departments.
  • A GBA+ Network is in place with a representative from each branch within the departments (headquarters and regional operations). The Network supports resources across the department to support GBA+ integration into policy, program and service delivery.
  • The overall advancement of GBA+ within the departments is led by an identified Champion.
Planned Initiatives
  • GBA+ is to be applied to all relevant policy/program/service delivery initiatives.
  • The Department will work with Indigenous partners on the co-development a culturally competent GBA+ toolkit and leverage engagement mechanisms with Indigenous partners to define how best to include the voices of women, youth and other marginalized voices into policy.


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