Consultations on Offshore Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration

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Current status:

A one-year consultation period began in April 2017.


On December 20, 2016, the Prime Minister of Canada issued the U.S.-Canada Joint Statement on Climate, Energy, and Arctic Leadership that announced actions Canada will take to ensure a strong, sustainable and viable Arctic economy, including a science-based approach to oil and gas exploration. The Government of Canada declared the Arctic offshore indefinitely off limits to new exploration licences, a decision that will be reviewed every five years based on current climate change and science findings, and announced that there would be consultations with stakeholders.


Current oil and gas exploration licence holders, northern governments and Indigenous organizations.


The goals of these consultations are:

The consultations will take into account the work done by the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister's Special Representative, Mr. Rowland Harrison, and his Review of the Canada Petroleum Resources Act.

The Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs and the Minister of Natural Resources will return to cabinet within one year to report on the results of the consultations and advise on appropriate next steps.

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