Algonquins of Ontario Land Claim Negotiations: Infographic

Text Description for the Claim and the Agreement-in-Principle

The claim

8.9 million acres (36,000 km²) in eastern Ontario

10 Algonquins of Ontario communities in Ottawa River watershed

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The Algonquin claim includes an area of 8.9 million acres (36,000 km²), within the watersheds of the Ottawa and the Mattawa Rivers in Ontario. The claim area covers most of eastern Ontario, including Parliament Hill and Algonquin Park, as well as CFB Petawawa and the City of Ottawa. More than 1.2 million people live and work within the claim area.

No private property will be taken away from anyone to settle this claim.

The Agreement-in-Principle

The Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) is…

  • not legally binding
  • a blueprint for future negotiations toward a Final Agreement.

The AIP outlines what will happen when claim is settled:

  • 117,500 acres of provincial Crown land transferred to Algonquin ownership
  • $300 million to Algonquins of Ontario
  • ongoing treaty rights of Algonquins of Ontario defined in the territory
Lands Harvesting Parks Economic Development
Text Description for Looking back and Looking ahead

Looking back: key milestones in the ongoing negotiations

Algonquins of Ontario have long sought a treaty, filing their 1st petition in 1772

Consultation with stakeholders, public, other Indigenous groups

Revisions to draft AIP made based on input received

  • 2006: Current negotiations begin
  • 2009: Consultation Agreement signed
  • 2012: Preliminary Draft AIP made public
  • 2016: Vote by Algonquins of Ontario voters
  • October, 2016: 3 parties sign AIP and start Final Agreement negotiations

Get the facts about:

Looking ahead: toward a Final Agreement or treaty

A Final Agreement is…

  • an agreement outlining a new relationship based on partnership, recognition of/ respect for rights
  • legally binding
  • includes detailed agreements on all topics
  • Step 1 : Negotiate and draft Final Agreement
  • Step 2: Negotiate changes and review Final Agreement
  • Step 3: Vote by Algonquin voters
  • Step 4: Governments approve and sign Final Agreement
  • Step 5: Legislation puts Final Agreement into effect
  • Step 6: Work together to build better future under the Final Agreement

Algonquins of Ontario consult throughout with their people

Consultation with neighbours and all affected groups

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