Audit of the Emergency Management Assistance Program - Follow-up Report Status Update as of June 30, 2014

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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Audit Committee - As of June 30, 2014

Regional Operations

Audit of the Emergency Management Assistance Program
Approval Date: 04-26-2013
Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected
Completion Date
Program Response
1. The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations should ensure that the draft EMA Program Performance Measurement Strategy is finalized and that the final version is in alignment with approved program objectives and authorities. The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister should also ensure that a regime of regular monitoring and reporting of program results is implemented. A PMS for EMAP is currently being drafted and will align with program objectives and authorities. 2013-2014 Q2 Status: Completed/On Target
As of 30/06/2014:

A performance measurement strategy for EMAP was approved by the AANDC Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Committee (EPMRC) in April 2014.

EMD is in the process of implementing the strategy.

AES: Implementation ongoing. The recommendation will be closed when the monitoring and reporting regime is implemented.
Once the PMS is finalized, EMD will ensure that a regime of regular monitoring and reporting of program results is implemented. 2014-2015 and ongoing
2. The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations should ensure that a risk-based all-hazards approach to the EMA Program, in accordance with the Emergency Management Act, is adopted. Sector Operations (SO) will conduct medium- and long-term all-hazards risk assessments for First Nations and use the results to inform AANDC’s emergency management program activities. This will involve steps such as:

  • consultation with relevant partners;
  • completing the risk assessments; and
  • incorporating the results into strategic decision making.
Completing risk assessment: 2014-2015

Incorporating results into decision making:
Status: On Target
As of 30/06/2014:

EMD is working with AANDC regional offices and other partners, including Health Canada, to promote the completion of First Nation risk-based, all-hazard emergency management plans.

AANDC will continue to support communities in the development of risk-based all-hazards emergency management plans using a portion of EMAP’s $19.1 million in preparedness and non-structural mitigation funding.

Public Safety Canada is currently developing a methodology aimed at gathering risk-related data from across Canada in an effort to develop a national aggregate risk profile to aid emergency management planning and priority setting and to better inform emergency management-related investments. Public Safety Canada expects to complete preliminary trials (with federal partners) through a workshop to be held in 2014.

Additionally, Public Safety Canada is working to complete a national forecasting and cost-benefit analysis study related to natural disasters in Canada. These studies are intended to be inclusive of all Canadians. Data from a variety of sources, including AANDC, has been aggregated and preliminary analysis of the data has begun.

AES: Implementation ongoing.
3. The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations should ensure that the EMA Authority and supporting guidelines are reviewed and updated to promote a consistent understanding of eligible projects and expenditures. To ensure effective emergency management activities across AANDC regional offices, the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Regional Operations should ensure that standardized processes are developed and implemented so that expectations, objectives and priorities are clear with respect to emergency management plans, procedures for response activities, and after-action reports as well as the approval of emergency expenditures and the scrutiny of invoices. EMD will address these issues through reviewing EMAP terms and conditions and updating them where necessary. Review EMAP terms and conditions:
2013-2014 Q3
Status: Change in approach (A & B) / On Target (C)

As of 30/06/2014:

  1. While updated terms and conditions were initially due in Q3 of 2013-2014, this timeline was adjusted due to the approval of EMAP's Cabinet proposal in November 2013 which the revised terms and conditions are primarily intended to reflect. The terms and conditions are currently being revised for better alignment with the Emergency Management Act and An Emergency Management Framework for Canada and will be finalized in 2014-2015 (Q2).
  2. Although AANDC initially intended to review the department's regional emergency management plans by Q4 of 2013-2014, when it was decided to update AANDC's National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP), EMAP changed its approach and opted to review the regional emergency management plans (which act as annexes to the NEMP) only once the NEMP is finalized. AANDC’s National Emergency Management Plan is currently under review. A revised plan will be submitted for approval by the end of 2014-2015 (Q4). AANDC’s regional emergency management plans will be reviewed and updated by 2015-2016 (Q4).
  3. AANDC has initiated discussions with most provinces and territories - discussions with SK and AB are significantly advanced; agreement reached with NS, YT and PEI on substantive issues; and discussions with BC, ON, NB and QC are in the early stages.

AES: Implementation ongoing.
EMAP will also review AANDC’s regional emergency management plans and update them where necessary. Regional emergency management plans: 2013-2014 Q4
EMD, in conjunction with regional offices, will negotiate bilateral arrangements with the provinces which will include approaches to emergency management plans, response activities, after action reports as well as spending and accountability provisions. Negotiation of bilateral arrangements:


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