Evaluation of the Northern Contaminants Program and Northern Scientific Training Program - Follow-up Report Status Update as of June 30, 2013

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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Committee - As of June 30, 2013

Northern Affairs Organization

Evaluation of the Northern Contaminants Program and Northern Scientific Training Program
Approval Date: 09/28/2012
Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected Completion Date Program Response
1. It is recommended that to be effective in meeting Northern Science needs, NCP project proposal and reporting criteria demonstrate effective engagement with communities. Action plan to improve proposal and reporting requirements for engagement with communities.

The NCP recognize that even with considerable effort and funding, it is an ongoing challenge to ensure that researchers engage with communities meaningfully and effectively. NCP will take the following steps to improve project proposal criteria and reporting requirements to demonstrate effective engagement with northern communities:
1. A Communication Strategy, developed in consultation with NCP Aboriginal Partners, RCCs and others, will be developed to improve the coordination of NCP communications and outreach activities, and explore options for expanding the NCP’s reach to northern communities. March 2013 1. Status: Underway
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

NCP Communications Plan Submitted to Communications Nov 30, 2012, waiting on approvals from DG Communications.
2. A Risk Communications Subcommittee, co-chaired by Health Canada (the Federal lead) and whose membership will include all relevant northern health authorities, AANDC, NCP’s Aboriginal Partners and others, is currently being established to ensure the results of NCP research and monitoring projects are made available to northerners in a timely and appropriate manner. October 2012 2. Status: Underway
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

  • Terms of Reference established and approved by the NCP Management Committee October 2012.
  • Recommended Subcommittee membership to be approved by the NCP Management Committee April 2013.
3. A review of the NCP proposal review criteria, proposal template, and related processes, including the effectiveness of NCP’s consultation requirements, as well as reporting requirements and template, will be carried out by the NCP Secretariat in consultation with the RCCs, NCP Aboriginal Partners, researchers and others as part of the annual review of NCP blueprints. This review will also be informed by the two initiatives described above. This review will result in improved proposal and reporting criteria and supporting initiatives that will be reflected in revisions to the Call for Proposals and supporting documentation. Call for proposals material updated:
November 2012

Recipient Reporting criteria templates updated with improved reporting criteria for effective engagement with communities:
January 2013
3A. Status: Request to Close (Completed)
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

Proposal review criteria, template and consultation documents updated and review by the NCP Management Committee for the release of the call.

3B. Status: Request to Close (Completed)
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

Recipient reporting criteria templates have been updated in consultation with a working group of the Management Committee.

AES: Close – Sufficient work as been done. Actions 1 and 2 are in the approval process
2. It is recommended that the NCP project proposal process be enhanced, in order to foster information sharing and collaboration on approved projects. In order to ensure responsive and timely program and information posting, the NCP will provide funding to science.gc.ca, the Government of Canada science portal, in order to foster better information sharing and collaboration with the public and NCP partners. The NCP Call for Proposals posted November 2012

The list of approved projects posted May 2013

Other reports and materials as needed
Status: Request to Close (Completed)
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

Call for Proposals materials posted November 2012.

Status: Request to Close (Completed)
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

A list of approved projects will be posted after final decisions are made by the management committee April 2013.

Update/Rationale as of 30/06/2013:
  • Approved Projects posted June 6, 2013

Status: Request to Close (Completed)
Update/Rationale as of 31/03/2013:

The NCP Synopsis of Research for 2011-12 has been posted. This Synopsis provides a summary of the results from each NCP project.

Update/Rationale as of 30/06/2013:

  • Ongoing enhancements and posting of information on the website is in progress and will continue.
AES: Close – Fully Implemented. Key processes are in place while other actions are perpetual in nature.

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