Indigenous art acquisition programs: results for the 2012 to 2013 fiscal year

Learn about the art acquisition programs in fiscal year 2012 to 2013 and what artwork was acquired by the Indigenous Art Centre.

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Acquisition program details

Forty-four works of art were selected for the Indigenous Art Collection at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Jurors for the National acquisitions program were:

Artwork selected through the national acquisitions program

Artist Artist Artwork name and year Medium Reference number
Tracey Anthony (Delaware) Unite (2011) Mixed media on canvas 500206
Christi Belcourt (Michif/Otepimisiwak) This Painting is a Mirror (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500245
Christian Chapman (Ojibway) Don't Whistle at the Northern Lights (2010) Mixed media on canvas 500214
Christian Chapman (Ojibway) Don't Use God's Name in Vain - Benedictus XVI (2010) Mixed media on canvas 500213
Hannah Claus (Mohawk) Clouds (2008) Digital image on reprographic film 500241
Vanessa Dion Fletcher (Potawatomi/Lenape) Writing Landscape (2011) Intaglio print on paper 500222 A-F
Keesic Douglas (Ojibway) Trade Language (2012) C-print 500211
Jerry Alan Evans (Mi'kmaq) Qalipu Migrations (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500205
David "Kanietakeron" Fadden (Mohawk) The Three Shouts (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500210
Rosalie Favell (Cree/Métis) Annie (2011) Ink jet print on paper 500230
Rosalie Favell (Cree/Métis) Chairlift (2011) Ink jet print on paper 500229
Rosalie Favell (Cree/Métis) Orange Dress Red Poppy (2011) Ink jet print on paper 500226
Rosalie Favell (Cree/Métis) Doug and Gerry, 1934 (2011) Ink jet print on paper 500228
Rosalie Favell (Cree/Métis) Doug and Gerry (2012) Ink jet print on paper 500227
Jeneen Frei Njootli (Gwich'in) White Swan (2013) Digital image on paper 500231
Jeneen Frei Njootli (Gwich'in) Contemporary Spirit Regalia: Shift (2013) Digital image on paper 500232
Tanya Harnett (Assiniboine) Suite Scarred/Sacred Water (2011) Photograph on paper 500240 A-F
Robert Houle (Saulteaux) Sister Clothilde (2009) Oil on paper 500237
Robert Houle (Saulteaux) Shape Shifter (2009) Oil on paper 500236
Robert Houle (Saulteaux) Dark Moses (2009) Oil on paper 500235
Alex Janvier (Denesuline Saulteaux) Four Spots (2011) Acrylic on linen 500216
Alex Janvier (Denesuline Saulteaux) Life's Oasis (2013) Watercolour on paper 500215
Claude Latour (Algonquin) Deadcrow and Two Brothers (2010) Digital photograph on paper 500217
Jim Logan (Cree Sioux Métis) This Is Our Time (2013) Acrylic on canvas 500207
Kent Monkman (Cree) Montcalm's Haircut and Wolfe's Haircut (diptych) (2011) Etching and aquatint on paper 500220
Kent Monkman (Cree) The Academy (2011) Etching and aquatint on paper 500221
Caroline Monnet (Algonquin) Alice (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500244
Shirley Moorhouse (Inuit) Goose Reflecting (2011) Mixed media on wool 500234
Shirley Moorhouse (Inuit) We Stand on Guard (2010) Mixed media on wool 500233
Christian Morrisseau (Ojibway) Father and Son Teachings (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500242
Christian Morrisseau (Ojibway) Spiritual Brothers (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500243
Susan Point (Coast Salish) Musqueam Foreshore (2011) Serigraph on paper 500218
Susan Point (Coast Salish) Canoe Pass (2011) Serigraph on paper 500219
Jane Ash Poitras (Cree) Shaman of the Four Corners (2009) Mixed media on wood panel 500204
Frank Polson (Algonquin) Teaching (2012) Acrylic on canvas 500208
Barry Pottle (Inuk) Awareness 1 & 2 (2009-2010) Digital photograph on paper 500258 A-B
Frank Shebageget (Ojibway) Flight Patterns, (Series) (2010) Graphite on paper 500223 A-E
Skawennati (Mohawk) Jingle Dancers Assembled (2011) Inkjet on polybanner 500239
Skawennati (Mohawk) Native Love (2012) Inkjet on polybanner 500238
Greg Staats (Mohawk) Body of Shadow (2010) Photo-etching on paper 500212
France Trépanier (Kanien'kéhaka) Reminiscence (2010) Pastel on paper 500224
France Trépanier (Kanien'kéhaka) Gesgapegiag (2012) Pastel on paper 500225
Tania Willard (Secwepemc) Be a Good Girl (2008) Handcoloured woodcut 500209

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