Exemption List Regulations (Regulations Amending), pursuant to the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act

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Title or working title of the regulatory initiative

Regulations Amending the Exemption List Regulations

Enabling act(s)

Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act


The Exemption List Regulations, made pursuant to paragraph 143(1)(c) of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, set out proposed or existing developments situated in or outside a national park, national park reserve or national historic site for which preliminary screenings are not required by reason that their impact on the environment of the Mackenzie Valley is insignificant.

Amendments to the Exemption List Regulations will ensure that activities and proposals for development, whose impacts on the environment are determined to be insignificant, are exempted from the preliminary screening process. These activities and proposals for development would continue to be subject to relevant regulatory processes.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international)

Ongoing consultations, initiated in 2014, with federal departments and regulators as well as with the Government of the Northwest Territories and First Nations organizations/governments in the Mackenzie Valley create a positive and collaborative regulatory partnership. This initiative is not under a specific formal regulatory cooperation work plan.

Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

There are no expected impacts on Canadians and businesses. The proposed amendments are relatively minor in nature. Stakeholders will be supportive of the proposed amendments as they ensure the Exemption List Regulations are compatible with the current legislative and regulatory landscape.


Draft amendments to the Exemption List Regulations were shared with First Nations of the Mackenzie Valley, the Tlicho government, the Government of the Northwest Territories, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board and its regional panels, the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board, relevant industry associations and other affected stakeholders for review and comments.

Discussions and consultations with stakeholders took place during 2019 to 2020. A regulatory proposal will follow that will be available for public comment upon pre-publication in Part I of the Canada Gazette for a 30 day comment period, which is anticipated to occur in 2022.

Further information

Please find further information on Northern Regulatory Regimes.

Departmental contact information

Gilles Binda
Director, Resource Policy and Programs Directorate
Natural Resources and Environment Branch
Northern Affairs Organization
Tel.: 613-290-3845
Email: gilles.binda@rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca
Public Enquiries Toll-free: 1-800-567-9604

The date the regulatory initiative was first included in the Forward Regulatory Plan

September 2013

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