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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report To The Audit Committee - As of September 30, 2010

Regional Operations - Governance Branch

Audit of Band Support Funding (08/27)
AEC Approval Date: 25/09/2009

Project Recommendations Action Plan Expected Completion Date Program Response
1. INAC, should streamline the current application process to ensure efficiency and the use of the most current programming data. This new application process should become part of BSF Program Policy, and be adopted uniformly across regions. An implementation plan should be created for this new process to address regional communication and training issues. INAC, in the context of the renewal of the Indian Government Support programs, will seek authority to simplify the funding formula such that funding entitlements will be calculated entirely on the basis of current data already contained in internal INAC databases, relieving applicants of the burden of submitting data to INAC. All First Nations communities will have access to the data employed in this calculation. Secure program authority for a new funding formula by April 1, 2010

Implement new automated data collection system by April 1, 2011

Status: In Progress

As of 30/09/2010:

**** Comment on entire follow up:

As it is unlikely that new funds will be available in 2010-2011, the department will not propose significant new strategic directions for Band Support Funding. In the meantime, the department will take the appropriate steps to ensure that current investments in Band Support Funding continue to propose technical and administrative improvements to the program.

The following improvements are being made to Band Support Funding: the application process is being streamlined along with the development of a consolidated application form for the Indian Government Support programs; a new data collection system is being developed to further reduce the reporting burden; and a review of the remoteness and environmental indices integral to the Band Support Funding formula has been initiated. ****

AES: Pending Implementation

2. INAC, Professional and Institutional Development Directorate, should create a model that can be used to accurately calculate the PY data so that it better matches community needs. This model should become part of the BSF Program Policy, and implemented consistently across the regions. INAC will seek authority for a simpler funding formula which is driven by population, by the volume of other programs managed by the community, and by geographic factors; the new formula will not employ person-year data. Secure program authority for a new funding formula by April 1, 2010 Status: No Action

As of 30/09/2010:

AES: No Action

3. INAC should ensure that consistent and comprehensive guidelines that outline the appropriate uses of BSF expenses are developed and provided to regional staff and recipients. The Department should establish a communication plan to ensure that the regions and BSF funding recipients clearly understand these guidelines. Training should also be provided to regional program staff to ensure that they are giving consistent and accurate guidance to First Nations on the use of BSF funds. INAC will seek authority to define the purpose of the grant to be to support First Nations in the execution of functions of government. Regional Operations Sector will provide program guidance to all regional offices regarding these functions. Provide training to regional offices on the purpose of a renewed grant program by December 31, 2010 Status: No Action

As of 30/09/2010:

AES: No Action


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