Memorandum of Understanding - Athabasca Denesuline

Without prejudice memorandum of understanding


Her Majesty the Queen
as represented by
the minister of indian affairs and northern development
(hereinafter referred to as "Canada")


The Fond du Lac First Nation,
The Black Lake First Natio,
The Hatchet Lake First Natio,
(hereinafter referred to as
"the Saskatchewan Athabasca Denesuline")

WHEREAS the Saskatchewan Athabasca Denesuline assert Treaty and Aboriginal reights north of 60 degrees latitude and other relief in the case of Louis Benoanie et al v. Her Majesty the Queen and al. Federal Court Act No. T-3201-91 and claim relief in respect thereof;

WHEREAS Canada and the Saskatchewan Athabasca Denesuline ("the parties") wish to engage in without prejudice discussion aimed at fully and finally settling the issues raised in litigation;

WHEREAS the parties recognize the need to consult or involve other groups to achieve a settlement, including the governments of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and Denesuline organizations;

WHEREAS the parties desire that this document and any such discussion be protected by settlement privilege, and that they not create or recognize legally enforceable rights for either party, until any final settlement is achieved and signed, except as otherwise expressly agreed to between counsel;

THEREFORE the parties have agreed to engage in without prejudice discussions covering the following principal issues:

  1. harvesting rights and related commercial benefits north of 60 degrees of latitude;
  2. concerns of the Saskatchewan Athabasca Denesuline with respect to the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement;
  3. concerns of the Saskatchewan Athabasca Denesuline with respect to the Northwest Territories
  4. legal and negotiations costs; and
  5. consultations involving other parties.


For her majesty the queen in right of canada

The Honourable Robert Nault
Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development

For the Fond du Lac First Nation
Eddie Martin

For the Fond du Lac First Nation
Edwin Boneleye

For the Tatchet Lake First Nation
Louie Josie

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