Amendments to the Implementation Plan for the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement

Amended - P.C. 2004-1067 - September 23, 2004

List of Substantive amendments to the Sahtu Dene and Metis Implementation Plan

Annex A: Financial Payments

  • The Settlement Area Harvest Study has been extended for three years until 2007 at a cost of $200,000.
  • Within Treasury Board approved mandate, the planning assumptions, costed worksheets and funding levels for the boards and committees established pursuant to the Agreement have been updated as follows:
  2004-2005 ongoing until
Arbitration Panel $24,615 $29,715
Renewable Resources Board $534,528 $691,856
Renewable Resource Councils $251,095 $325,000
Land Use Planning Board $245,984 $318,385
Land and Water Board $650,827 $842,388
Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated $397,889 $515,000
Government of the Northwest Territories $226,493 $293,156
  • How Base Funding Amounts, Adjustment Factors (i.e. Canada Final Domestic Demand Implicit Price Index) and Net Transfer Amounts are to be calculated is set out.

Annex D: Roles and Responsibilities of the Implementation Committee

  • Canada, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated will continue to designate a senior representative to the Implementation Committee for the second ten year implementation period.
  • The Implementation Committee will continue to act in conformity with the Agreement and be guided by the IP
  • The Implementation Committee shall continue to operate on a consensus basis and keep a record of issues discussed and its determinations
  • Each party shall continue to be responsible for the costs of the participation of its appointee to the Implementation Committee
  • The Implementation Committee shall continue to submit an annual report, which shall be made public, on the implementation of the Agreement
  • The Implementation Committee will initiate and complete a full review of the Implementation Plan no later than April 2012.
  • Following the completion of the full review and no later than April 2013, the Implementation Committee will make recommendations to the parties respecting the continued implementation of the Agreement.
  • The Implementation Committee will continue to attempt to resolve any outstanding implementation issue(s) which arise through discussion and negotiation.

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