Inuit Ullumi - Inuit Today: Arts, Culture and Business Festival

On December 1-2, 2009, the Inuit Ullumi - Inuit Today arts, culture and business festival, showcased Inuit businesses and organizations from across Inuit Nunangat. This video presents some of the original fine art, clothing, dance and song featured at the festival, hosted by the Inuit Relations Secretariat of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) in Gatineau, Quebec.

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Transcript: Inuit Ullumi - Inuit Today: Arts, Culture and Business Festival

Hi my name is Christopher Duschenes and I am the executive director of the Inuit Relations Secretariat and I am very happy to introduce the first Inuit Ullumi, Inuit today, showcase of Inuit arts, culture, and businesses here for two days in the lobby at 10 Wellington here at INAC as an extension of Aboriginal awareness week. So we're happy to present the best of arts, culture, and businesses from the Inuit world.

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